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In-person visits

School, university or library visits can be arranged via 

Assemblies and workshops are ideal for Years 5-6 and Years 7-8, but Rachel does have experience doing a whole school primary talk.

For older pupils, Rachel can offer talks on her journey to becoming an author.

Author talk: (40-50 minutes, depending on year group) This includes Rachel's writing journey, discussion on books and writing tips. Suitable for whole year assemblies. 

Workshop: (45 – 60 minutes, depending on year group). A workshop based on Sadé and her Shadow BeastsThe Boy in the Smoke and Finding Folkshore. Workshops can also be offered on setting, action, writing stories and characters. Suitable for class sizes of 30 or so. 

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It was such a huge pleasure to welcome Rachel to our diverse school community. Our children enjoyed the assembly and were able to connect to the author and her experiences. The children from Years 3- 6 were immersed in a workshop with Rachel and came out sharing how much they learned. With a considerable Nigerian and other African demographic within our school, I believe Rachel's visit, story and experiences resonated deeply with our children and have inspired them to explore the writer within them.


St. Mary's School, Lewisham

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